HeyGears Rocks The Industry with Its New 3D Printers


Cologne, Germany-March 12, 2019 HeyGears, one of the top innovators in the 3D printing industry unveiled its fully scalable production solution for the global dental market at the International Dental Show (IDS) in Cologne, Germany. HeyGears is expanding its global dental market in order to provide an end-to-end solution which meets the comprehensive needs of all dental and orthodontic labs, empowering them to enter the digital dentistry quickly and economically.

At the show, HeyGears showcased its clear aligner workstation prototype UltraCraft AWS, the world’s first 3D printing system, integrated with fully-automated clear aligner production capability and complete post-processing.

According to HeyGears VP of R&D Heyuan Huang, the AWS allows dental professionals to go from designed appliance to printed aligner within one step. The printer solves the production difficulty of clear aligner by combining dental model printing and clear aligner thermoforming altogether.

We want to change the way everybody making clear aligners. With our revolutionary production system, dental professionals can produce clear aligner automatically without any additional post-process said Gui Peiyan, CEO of HeyGears.


The UltraCraft A2-OS printer is another highlight at the show. Same as the UltraCraft A2, the A2-OS is an industrial-grade DLP 3D printer. Along with printed parts within 50 microns for more than 80%, yet the A2-OS is much more technologically advanced than the A2.

The main difference between the A2 and the A2-OS is that A2-OS has Optical Scan Technology (OS), which was solely developed by HeyGears. The OS technology allows the printer to actively scan the building format by moving the optical engine without compromising accuracy, resulting in 2.3 times increase in the printing area.

In addition, the A2-OS is equipped with Artificial Intelligent Smart Separation Technology, a separation algorithm jointly developed by HeyGears and Alibaba Cloud.

Compared with the conventional separation technology, the Artificial Intelligent Smart Separation Technology is able to optimize the printing process, increase accuracy and speed at the same time, resulting in saving printing time by 40%.

HeyGears also presented nine dental resins that are available to be used interchangeably on all HeyGears UltraCraft series 3D printers.



The UltraCraft AWS and A2-OS completed the ecological chain of HeyGears digital dentistry solution. From clinics to big dental labs, HeyGears can provide different solutions to fit the unique requirements of customers regarding their different digital workflow.

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